Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Our Accountancy team has the knowledge and expertise to guide you and your business. At A1, we look into the individual requirements and find the ways to improve the performance and profitability. The accounts are prepared by us in accordance with the accounting standards, whilst ensuring the best outcome for our clients.

We offer our accounting service either at our office or yours and are flexible to provide the service out of normal business hours. We prepare annual accounts for businesses of all sizes; sole traders to medium sized companies and organisations.

Our accountancy services include:

  • Accounting Advisory Services

    Unlimited advisory service, whenever you need an expert advice on the accounts. At times, business accounting can be taxing and often the regulations are complex. At A1 we have the experience of working with different industries and sectors and we provide our expert advice to our clients on this wealth of expertise and experience...

  • Preparation of Annual Accounts

    Timely preparation and submission is guaranteed in our service and you can safely take care of your business. For Companies we offer a full service where we file the annual return and the abbreviated set of accounts to Companies house every year without default.

  • Preparation of Management Accounts - monthly or quarterly

    Management Accounts for the business will be submitted every month or quarter as required so that you will know exactly how you perform. Our preparation involves analysing and interpreting the figures, assessing the risks and advising how to reduce the risks.

  • Book Keeping

    We offer Book Keeping service to our clients, where all your invoices, expenses and receipts will be entered by us into your accounts. We maintain the sales ledger and credit control, purchase ledger, cash and bank reconciliation. This will help the small and medium sized firms to concentrate on their business while leaving the accounting completely in our hands

  • Cash Visibility & Control

    For any business to be successful, cash management is the key. We assess the cash management and the processes in place and we advise short to medium term strategies for the cash management. Cash preservation and generation are offered with the controls and the businesses will be benefitted in long term to have a clear insight about the cash operations at the business level.

  • PAYE, NI Preparation & Submission of Returns

    Government introduced the Real Time Information which requires all employers to report PAYE in real time. Each time you pay an employee you must submit details about employees' pay and deductions to HMRC using payroll software. We ensure that the NIC are correctly calculated and submitted during each pay period and at the end of the tax year.

  • Personal Tax Return

    Your personal tax return will be prepared and submitted by us, considering the tax allowances and adjustments. We have considerable experience in handling the tax returns for non-dom UK taxpayers and individuals. We act in tax repayment claims and will help you to maximise your tax refund.

  • Assistance with Capital raising and Finance

    We offer assistance to start-ups and businesses in their capital raising and finance. We offer our clients discreet and independent advice and support throughout the process. Our experience skills and our extensive network would be used to help our clients to find the right funding.

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Tax Services

Tax Services

How do I reduce my tax? By proper tax planning! How can I achieve that? By getting advice and support from A1 Accountancy!

A1 Accountancy is one of the specialised accountancy practice who can advise you on the Tax matters. Tax Planning is part of your financial planning and when it is done properly it saves you the tax and frees up the money for the business. Rules and regulations are changing every other year and taxation is one which requires expert advice.

We provide tax planning advice to high net worth individuals, traders, businesses and corporates. Our tax planning service provides a complete range of taxation services; from the completion of your annual tax returns to the calculation of capital gains tax on your assets sales or investment aspects of the shares and equities to tax efficient business restructuring.

Our tax planning services include:

  • Income tax

    We provide personal tax advice & prepare the personal tax returns for our clients. Our team of experts are experienced and up to date with personal tax legislation, thus ensuring the payment of correct tax bill. We offer the clients an efficient service at an affordable price.

  • Capital Gains tax

    Getting the right advice before you dispose an asset makes a huge difference as you could be liable for capital gains tax. We can help you to find out what the capital gains tax, whether you are liable and whether it’s possible to reduce or avoid the capital gains tax.

  • Inheritance tax

    Our advisers will help you to find out the ways to minimise the inheritance tax on your estate. Our experts will be able to assess your situation, and recommend a suitable course of action to make sure you leave your loved ones with as much as possible.

  • Business tax planning

    We provide comprehensive tax advice as well as support on tax mitigation products, VAT and corporation tax. Our aim is to develop an efficient tax structure for you, which will save the tax as well as will improve the future finance of the business.

  • Capital Allowances

    Expenses you incur as part of your business, some of them can be eligible for the tax relief. Our expert team of advisors will work with you to help you claim a capital allowance for these expenditures.

  • Company & Partnership Taxation

    Our experienced team provides advice and preparation of partnership tax returns, LLP tax returns and corporate tax returns. Should it be required, we will correspond, negotiate and deal with the tax authorities on your behalf always acting in your best interests.

  • National Insurance Contributions

    We are experts in NI and provide advice and preparation of NIC based on whether you are an employee, self-employed or you are paying contributions voluntarily to make up gaps in your contribution record.

  • P11D benefits and Employer Compliance

    Advice on P11D benefits and Employer Compliance. Benefits are mostly taxable and we provide advice on how the benefits to be reported and how the tax is paid. Our Payroll team is there to help you in giving you the practical solutions to file the benefits based tax.

  • Remuneration Planning

    At A1, we offer sensible advice and planning of remuneration. We offer employers tailor made pay packets in a low-cost and tax efficient manner through salary sacrifice arrangements. Our experts can device simple share schemes to deliver lower-tax rewards for small to medium sized companies.

  • Self-assessment tax return service

    Advice & Preparation of Self-assessment tax return service is offered to for a small fee. In Self-assessment cases, mostly you need a little advice and guidance on how to file it or if the tax payer needs us to file on his behalf, we will do it.

For tax planning in alignment with your financial goals, we provide assistance. If you are interested in Tax planning, why not contact us..

Payroll Services

Payroll Services

We offer your business fast, efficient and effective payroll solutions. All aspects of payroll, from setting up an Employers Scheme with HMRC to the calculation of your employees’ net pay and deducting their applicable tax and National Insurance contributions to printing the payslips are provided by us. A1 is providing a bilingual service for our clients as some of our clients wants s designated member who can speak their language.

We are trained to advise our clients in all aspects of payroll preparation and compliance, no matter what your business size is. We run payrolls on time and provide a personalized payroll service. Our services ease the burden and hassles of managing payroll while saving you money in the process. We handle the administrative paperwork and management necessary to secure compliance with all tax and legal requirements.

Our payroll services include:

  • Employee payslips (with copy of employers copy)

    We prepare the payslips for your employees and provides you the reports for the payroll. Our services offer the simplest and cost effective solution to support your businesses payroll resources with an added advantage of payroll compliance and continuity. We provide both weekly and monthly payroll suiting the business requirement.

  • Monthly Summary Sheets itemising all pay roll deductions for the period

    We provide monthly reports including summaries and analyses of staff costs. This will help businesses to understand the payroll and the monthly forecasting better. Our support is ongoing and we will have a designated contact for each account

  • Payment Records for Tax and NI payment, Sick pay, Maternity pay and Student Loans

    Administration of PAYE, national insurance, statutory sick pay, statutory maternity and paternity pay, etc..We ensures the correct amount and the administration of all the payments and taxes in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Setting up of new staff, amendments, P45 for those leaving, P60 and P14

    We set up new employees to the payroll, pay will be calculated on the basis of the working hours, over time, bonuses etc. Employees records are amended as per the changes and P.45’s will be issued in a timely manner. Employee summary P60's and P14 and other benefit and expenses returns will be provided as part of the payroll.

  • PAYE returns for the Revenue, Yearend Employer Annual Return P35

    We provide the submission of PAYE returns and all the statutory forms, including yearend returns to the HM Revenue & Customs. You don’t need to worry about processing your payroll and an absolute peace of mind about the changes to legislation

  • Employment tax issues

    Comprehensive advice on all employment tax issues. Our team have a broad range of skills and experience across employment tax and compliance and we can advise and act before HMRC on your behalf.

Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory Services

Our Business Advisory and Management Consultancy Team have a strong track record of making your ideas into businesses and turning struggling businesses into a successful one. We can actively help your businesses at all stages of its development. For start-ups, we will evaluate the potential of the idea and will prepare a business plan and will model the entity; sole trader, partnership or limited company, based on the requirements and benefits.

Company formation to strategic planning forecasting and budgeting to arranging financing, our consultants can offer complete business service. Our expertise helps the companies to identify the areas where they can improve and we produce graphs and charts illustrating how the business can be improved, streamlined and where the profitability can be enhanced.

Our business advisory services include:

  • Business Planning

    Our Businesses team work with you to develop strategic plans for the businesses. For start-ups we provide new business set ups and business plans. For existing businesses, we review its structure and strategies for the long-term future of the business. Our business experts have wealth of knowledge in diverse sectors and they will assist you in formulating policies and action plans to make your businesses a success

  • Business Financing

    We offer a complete review of the business finance. As part of our finance services, we offer specific action plans with the historical performance. We provide accurate and reliable forecasts which is necessary for a healthy business growth. Our expertise helps us to understand the requirements of clients and are able to offer bespoke solutions.

  • Profitability Analysis & Enhancement

    Our Profitability Analysis is designed to improve your performance and increase your profits. By examining the business operation and conducting techno-economic feasibility studies, we will identify the income improvement and expense-reduction opportunities. This will aid to improve the income and earnings and reduce the costs.

  • Business Diagnostics

    Our Business diagnostics is designed to find the issues with your businesses. We conduct a comprehensive review of all the areas of business, we do an organisational and methodical studies to identify the current issues and the potential pitfalls. The outcome will provide us with valuable information about the business which will enable us to draw the right plan for turning the business into success.

  • Practical and Pragmatic Advice

    Our skills, expertise and experience enables our client to receive practical and pragmatic advice on their business. We have experience of handling a wide range of businesses; manufacturers, service providers, sole traders, schools, letting agencies, organisations, companies, restaurants, hospitality providers to name some.

Please contact us to discuss any queries or concerns you have about your business or any of the above.

VAT Services

VAT Services

We provide VAT Consultancy service to small and medium sized businesses, multinationals, contractors etc. Our services are highly confidential and we provide assistance throughout the year. Our VAT team is experienced and ensures the compliance of your VAT returns.

Tax authorities are very strict in VAT and companies are bound to report their VAT, if they are above the VAT threshold. Your business is required to file periodic VAT returns and failure will result in the surcharges and penalties. We can manage your VAT returns and can provide guidance and advice to ensure the legal compliance.

Our Vat returns services include:

  • Vat Registration

    We offer a one stop solution for your VAT requirements. We will register your business for VAT and will help you to understand the different VAT rules and rates. Our dedicated team with strong experience of the VAT will assist you on the VAT invoicing and pay.

  • VAT Compliance

    A1 provides you with practical compliance advice and support. We provide assistance in setting up a VAT system and will help you to generate accurate VAT returns. Our Compliance Service will help you manage your business expenses and ensure they are always compliant with the latest income tax and VAT rules.

    Our VAT Service not only ensures the correct entry of expenses, but also make sure that any amount which is recoverable are recovered. We can check and submit the VAT returns on your behalf and can negotiate with HMRC to reach a cost effective outcome should any queries or disputes arise.

  • VAT Advice

    Our specialised knowledge of the VAT system means that we can deal with VAT matters on your behalf. VAT rules varies with countries and if you want to trade with other countries, checking the local VAT rules is an absolute necessity and we can provide advice on that. It is worth to remember that in distance selling to outside UK or using a distributor to sell your products outside UK or for importing goods, you are obliged to know the VAT and we can provide advice on local VAT rules.

    We also have considerable experience advising charities and non-profitable organisations on the rules relating to business to non-business apportionment and making full use of zero-related reliefs on qualifying goods and services.

Give us a call to find out how we can take care of your VAT needs.